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New cannabis testing devices may affect employees and employers

Minnesota, like many other states, is grappling with the changing social attitudes toward marijuana use and legislation. The possession of small amounts of cannabis has been decriminalized for decades in the state, and medicinal use of the drug is authorized for a number of hard-to-manage conditions. There's also a growing consumer preference for cannabis instead of opioids for pain control.

What types of workers' compensation are available in Minnesota?

Getting injured on the job opens up a whole slew of questions -- most of them anxiety-provoking. How long are you going to be off work? How will you pay your bills? How will you afford your medical care? What happens if you can't go back to your job?

What if I get hurt at my employer's recent party?

Many workers in the greater Twin Cities area may have attended a recent holiday party, or just an end-of-the-year event, in recent days. While hopefully everyone managed to stay safe at these events, there is always a chance an employee can get injured at a social event like the annual holiday party. Of course, this applies to other company outings that take place at other times of the year as well.

Types of disability payments: permanent total disability

Previous posts here have discussed the different types of disability benefits that victims of workplace accidents in Minnesota can receive through the state's Workers' Compensation program. To this point, this blog has talked about temporary total disability payments and permanent partial disability payments. The first type of benefit pays a worker who, for a period of time, cannot return to work at all. The second type of benefit pays a worker who may be able to go back to work eventually, but who will have some sort of permanent handicap on account of the injury.

Workers compensation benefit: permanent partial disability

A recent post on this blog talked about temporary total disability benefits, or TTD, which are the type of benefits an injured Minnesota worker gets when he or she is hurt on the job and needs to take a few weeks or months off to recover. While arguable, TTD is perhaps the easiest benefit to understand.

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