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Will workers' comp cover a car accident?

Minnesotans spend a lot of time in the car. For anyone who isn't a professional driver, that time is usually for personal errands, not for the job. Even if you aren't a driver by trade, it's possible that you might get in an accident while doing something for your work. Workers' compensation is available to employees who are hurt on the job, including injuries sustained in a car accident.

What is a third-party workers' comp claim?

There are infinite ways that an injury can occur. Sometimes it's a freak accident despite taking extreme precautions. Sometimes an injury happens when using defective equipment that didn't work as it's supposed to. Workers' compensation is a system that overlooks fault, ensuring employee coverage no matter what led to the injury. But sometimes, if there was negligence or a defective product, it's worth taking a closer look at the injury instead of filing a standard workers' compensation claim.

Miami bridge collapse echoes in Minnesota

Since 2007, Minnesota residents pay particularly close attention to news of bridge collapses. That year, while under construction, the Interstate 35W bridge over the Mississippi River, near downtown Minneapolis, collapsed under the weight of construction equipment and rush hour traffic. While uncommon, these kinds of catastrophic failures are perilous to the both general public and the workers who are on the job at the site.

Hotel housekeeper safety concerns

Many people associate workers' compensation with injuries that happen from a standard work task. This means that employees in high-risk industries like logging, fishing, construction or police work are most affected. While people in those fields are certainly at risk, this assumption overlooks another area where injuries happen: from interactions with the public.

Does working the night shift cause more workplace injuries?

Humans -- and all animals -- have internal clocks that regular behavior. Known as circadian rhythm, it's an often-studied part of our biology that affects how the human body responds to conditions. Behavior is different based on conditions like light and temperature.

Putting a value on injury compensation

Most people understand the basic idea behind workers' compensation. It's the concept that if you get hurt on the job, your medical expenses will be covered and you'll usually be paid for time away from work as you recover. While it's not quite that simple (there are many nuances as different situations come up), the overall premise is that a worker should be compensated for injuries sustained on the job.

Florida passes first responder workers' compensation law

Post-traumatic stress disorder is a mental health condition that comes after somebody goes through a traumatic life event. Many soldiers experience it after deployment, but it's a human ailment that affects all types of work. Firefighters, police officers and emergency room nurses are just a few of the many first responders who experience troubling situations in the line of work. Coming upon a crime scene or the site of an accident can have lasting effects.

Workplace violence and workers' compensation

The severity of a workplace injury varies significantly, from mild sprains and bruises to paralysis and even death. In 2016, which is the most recent full-year data available from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 5,190 workplace fatalities in the US. That number continues an alarming increase in recent years, which we talked about previously.

Construction accidents can lead to long recoveries

It is no secret that in Minnesota - as elsewhere in the United States - construction work is one of the more dangerous careers to pursue. When a worker is injured in an accident on a job site, the injury may not only sideline them from work but may also result in a lengthy period of recovery and recuperation that can involve multiple medical procedures and physical therapy.

Meat and poultry workers at risk of injury

While every job has unique dangers and some risk of injury, there are many fundamental concepts that protect workers across industries, regardless if they work in a restaurant, an office or a meatpacking plant. Nationwide safety rules like bathroom breaks, chemical testing and response to injuries are there to make workers safer, no matter what the job is. Sometimes, a workplace culture makes those basics more difficult to implement.

Workplace fatalities on the rise across US

When it comes to workplace safety, the Bureau of Labor Statistics offers a wealth of information. The organization recently finished reviewing 2016 statistics and there are some noteworthy takeaways concerning worker safety - and fatalities. 2016 is the most recent year with comprehensive data.

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