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Fighting for injured workers in Minnesota

If you suffer an injury at your place of work in Minnesota, you may be limited to seeking medical care and reimbursement for lost wages through the state's workers' compensation system. While the notion of filing a workers' compensation claim may not seem too complicated, it is often anything but straightforward. This is because when you file a claim for workers' compensation, you are basically throwing yourself on the mercy of an insurance company.

Workers' compensation is insurance. The state requires employers to buy it, so if you're injured at your workplace, while doing your job, your medical bills will be covered and any lost wages will be reimbursed. In return for carrying workers' compensation insurance, the state ensures that an employer's liability exposure is minimized for workplace injuries. Theoretically, this is good for both employers and their employees. Unfortunately, it doesn't always work out that way.

Looking at Minnesota workplace injury statistics

There were close to 100 workplace fatalities in Minnesota in 2016, the most recent year with complete statistics. In reviewing the data, fatalities and serious injuries occur across industries and incident types. While the modern workplace is much safer than a century ago, there will always be obstacles and errors that lead to issues.

5 common landscaping injuries

It's time to get back outside in Minnesota when the final snow piles melt away and the trees begin to bud. For some this means outdoor hobbies like gardening, walking or bicycling. For the landscaping industry, it means that work is back in full season.

Landscaping is one of the country's most dangerous jobs. Nearly 200 service workers die each year from work-related injuries, which is above the average fatality rate for a job. There are many hazards, including heavy machinery, sharp equipment, working from tall heights or with electrical currents. OSHA provides a great resource for anyone in the industry that details hazards as well as safety procedures.

Workplace robotics can cause injuries

Sometimes the very devices designed to help us end up making life harder. One case in point is the growing use of robots to perform labor and precision work in the workplace. While robots can be more exact and are capable of greater feats of strength than humans, they're subject to software and hardware issues.

States did not shift workers' compensation burden to feds

When workers are injured on the job in Minnesota, they are typically required to rely on workers' compensation benefits to make up for the financial shortfalls and losses that occurred as a result of their injuries. Where workers' compensation benefits just can't cut it, or in cases in which the injury results in a long-term disability, an injured worker may also rely on Social Security Disability Insurance from the federal government - if they qualify.

Social Security Disability benefits are distributed from a trust that all United States workers pay into over the course of their time in the workforce. Usually, a worker must have contributed for 10 years before claiming SSD benefits. In addition, the injury, illness or disability from which the worker suffers must prevent them from being able to work, or it must substantially interfere with their ability to work. Only those with disabilities or debilitating injuries typically qualify for SSDI.

Toxic exposure is a common workers' compensation claim

Workplace mishaps can happen in every imaginable way. Sometimes it's negligent behavior like leaving a tripping hazard in a walkway, and other times it's a simple mistake like stubbing and breaking a toe on a copy machine.

These are the obvious, physical injuries that people think of when they think of workers' compensation. The truth is that many work-related injuries and illnesses happen from exposure to the unseen. This includes chemical exposure, hazardous materials and more.

What does a nursing shortage mean for worker safety?

Nursing is a difficult job. You're constantly on the go, helping customers and dealing with sensitive subjects. It's a demanding job that drains both physical and mental energy.

Many nurses already work long hours to meet the needs of their clinic or hospital, and there is no respite coming as the Baby Boom generation ages. There are already hiring shortages in many areas of the country. In addition, the American Nursing Association predicts the US will need another million nurses on the job to keep up with demand.

Will workers' comp cover a car accident?

Minnesotans spend a lot of time in the car. For anyone who isn't a professional driver, that time is usually for personal errands, not for the job. Even if you aren't a driver by trade, it's possible that you might get in an accident while doing something for your work. Workers' compensation is available to employees who are hurt on the job, including injuries sustained in a car accident.

6 reasons workers' compensation claims are denied

Injuries are frustrating. They pull people away from daily routine, away from a fully functioning normal life. Depending on the severity of the injury, it might take weeks to get life back to normal. Sometimes life will never be the same.

Injuries are bad enough. Imagine experiencing an injury at work only to have your claim for workers' compensation denied. It happens, and it's extremely frustrating when you're already dealing with the challenges of your injury.

What is a third-party workers' comp claim?

There are infinite ways that an injury can occur. Sometimes it's a freak accident despite taking extreme precautions. Sometimes an injury happens when using defective equipment that didn't work as it's supposed to. Workers' compensation is a system that overlooks fault, ensuring employee coverage no matter what led to the injury. But sometimes, if there was negligence or a defective product, it's worth taking a closer look at the injury instead of filing a standard workers' compensation claim.

Workers compensation is essentially a no-fault system. Instead of finding blame, the emphasis is on treatment and recovery. When there is a direct cause for an injury, typically through negligence, many people chose a third-party workers' compensation claim instead. This is a civil court matter that takes a bigger picture approach toward recovery that seeks compensation for all losses: considering pain, suffering and personal costs in addition to medical expenses.

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