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Are temporary employees eligible for workers’ compensation benefits?

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2024 | Workers' Compensation

Every opportunity to land a job is important for a family breadwinner. No matter what their employment status is, they will strive hard to meet their family’s needs. Sometimes, they even work too hard, reaching the point of incurring injuries. Workers’ compensation could help address medical needs for the injuries, but if one is a temporary employee, who should they reach out to?  

In Minnesota, under certain conditions, employers are responsible for providing workers’ compensation benefits to every worker who has been injured while doing their work. All workers have the right to a safe workplace; thus, this covers both full-time and temporary employees. But a temporary employee, or someone employed through a staffing agency, has a slightly different case. 

Here is what you need to know about workers’ compensation if you are a temporary employee: 

  • Temporary employees can claim workers’ compensation: A temporary employee would still get the compensation they deserve. According to the Department of Labor and Industry of Minnesota, the staffing agency and the host employer—where the temporary employee is assigned—have the joint responsibility to ensure employee safety and provide workers’ compensation when needed. 
  • Follow the process for full-time employees: The process for claiming workers’ compensation is the same for temporary and full-time employees. If injured, a temporary employee should report the incident to their employer and immediately seek medical attention. 
  • Host employers should pay benefits first: As the host employer oversees the workplace and its employees, they should be the first to respond to the injured worker’s needs. However, this does not remove the responsibility of the staffing agency to provide workers’ compensation to the temporary worker.  

A work injury not only causes pain but also financial stress, especially if you are the family’s sole or primary income earner. Remember that there are resources available to support your situation. Getting legal advice would be beneficial, more so if you are confused with the complex field of workers’ compensation. 

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