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Can I recover lost wages after a work-related injury?

On Behalf of | Apr 22, 2024 | Workers' Compensation

Suffering a severe injury at work can be overwhelming, especially when it disrupts your life and affects your ability to work. Aside from physical pain and emotional stress, you might also face financial uncertainty if you cannot earn an income due to the injury.

Thankfully, workers in Minnesota have access to wage-loss benefits during these challenging times. However, getting these benefits can seem complicated while you are recovering. Understanding the several types of wage loss benefits in the state is critical in navigating the claim process effectively.

Four wage-loss benefits in Minnesota

  • Temporary total disability (TTD): If you cannot work due to a job-related injury or illness, TTD benefits can offer crucial financial support. You can receive these benefits within 14 days after your employer learns about your disability.
  • Temporary partial disability (TPD): If you can still work but only in a limited capacity, you might qualify for TPD benefits. These benefits follow the same schedule as your regular wages, helping maintain some normalcy in your income flow.
  • Permanent partial disability (PPD): These benefits compensate workers who have experienced a loss or function of a specific body part.
  • Dependency rights: If an employee dies from a work-related injury or illness, their dependents may receive dependency rights benefits.

Recovering from a workplace injury often means navigating the complexities of the workers’ compensation system to secure your future and that of your dependents. Consulting with a knowledgeable attorney can help ease the financial strain of a workplace injury.

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