Protecting Injured Workers
And Their Families For The Short And Long Term

What Qualifies As A Work-Related Injury Or Illness?

The Minnesota workers’ compensation system maintains a lengthy list of what kinds of injuries are covered and the dollar value of each. The list is long and so detailed that it is hard to use as a reference. A better guideline is this:

To be compensated, you must be an employee, and the injury must be work-related. There is no minimum number of employees an employer must employ before it must buy workers’ comp insurance.

Who Is Covered?

An employer with just one part-time employee is obliged to provide coverage. The law protects everyone, including nannies and domestic helpers.

Independent contractors may or may not be covered — tell us about your situation so that we can advise you as to the best course of action.

Compensable injuries must be connected in some way to an employment requirement or condition. The conditions can be those that occur in a moment, like an electrical shock, or acquired over an extended period, like an occupational disease or repetitive motion injury.

On this website, we focus on three classes of work injury:

Experienced Twin Cities Workers’ Compensation Representation

We represent the full range of injuries occurring on the job. We obtain benefits for people who have suffered sprains, tears and strains (soft-tissue injuries); chronic pain problems; and contusions, fractures and open wounds. Rest assured that if you have suffered a significant injury on the job or related to your job in some way, we can help you.

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