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Outdoor workers should be safe all year long

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2023 | Injuries

Outdoor work environments can pose unique risks, varying depending on the season. Workers in construction, agriculture, landscaping and other outdoor industries should know about these potential hazards and how to protect themselves.

The impact of weather conditions on outdoor work cannot be overstated. Each season presents different challenges. In the winter, icy conditions can lead to slips and falls, and cold temperatures can result in frostbite or hypothermia. 

Spring and fall may bring heavy rains that create slippery conditions and increase the risk of trench collapses. In the summer, high temperatures can lead to heat-related illnesses like heat exhaustion or heat stroke.

Use appropriate protective equipment

No matter the season, personal protective equipment is a crucial defense against workplace injuries. This can include everything from hard hats and safety glasses to high-visibility clothing and proper footwear. The specific requirements will depend on the job and the potential hazards present.

Maintain hydration and nutrition

Staying hydrated and nourished is critical for outdoor workers, particularly in extreme temperatures. Workers should have access to clean, cool drinking water in the summer and warm fluids in the winter. Regular meal breaks can also help maintain energy levels and concentration, reducing the risk of accidents.

Be aware of seasonal allergens and pests

Outdoor workers can be exposed to allergens like pollen and pests like mosquitos and ticks, particularly in the warmer months. Employers should educate workers about potential exposures and provide appropriate protection, including repellents, protective clothing and training on recognizing and responding to allergic reactions or bites.

Outdoor workers should ensure they get medical care if they suffer any weather-related illness or injury at work. Workers’ compensation covers these instances, so be sure you get the benefits you’re due. 

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