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3 common injury risks for hospitality workers

On Behalf of | Nov 19, 2021 | Workers' Compensation

There are several key employment sectors across Minnesota, with the hospitality industry being one of them. Many people across the state rely on hospitality work to maintain their standards of living. 

Unfortunately, hospitality workers are exposed to numerous safety hazards each day. Moreover, such dangers can result in injuries, both major and minor. Understanding the most frequent causes of injury could assist with prevention. Outlined below are three common injury risks associated with the hospitality industry. 

1. Injuries sustained when lifting 

Many hospitality roles require staff to partake in lifting heavy and awkward items. For instance, a chef might have to bring food items out from refrigerators or storerooms. Additionally, bar staff may regularly have to replenish stock, which is frequently packed in larger boxes. Lifting injuries can be serious and could result in employees being unable to work, leaving them with no income. Employers must offer staff adequate support and training to ensure they know how to lift safely. 

2. Slip-and-fall accidents 

Employees in the hospitality sector are regularly exposed to hazards that may lead to slip-and-fall accidents. For instance, floors will most likely be cleaned regularly to ensure guests leave a good impression of the venue. Where floor surfaces are wet or have not been cleaned appropriately, workers are exposed to a risk of falling. Injuries from this type of incident can be severe and even life-changing in extreme cases. 

3. Risks of violence 

Unfortunately, employees in the hospitality sector are occasionally vulnerable to violence. This can occur between staff, but the source is often intoxicated customers. Adequate security training is one effective tool that can reduce the chances of violence resulting in physical injuries. 

 Employees deserve to work in an environment that prioritizes their safety. If you have been injured at work in Minessota, then there may be legal options available to you.

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