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Brewery hazards to watch out for on the job

On Behalf of | Sep 17, 2021 | Workplace Accidents

Breweries can be great places to work, but there are hazards that present themselves there. Issues with ergonomics, the risk of coming into contact with hot items, slip, trip and fall accidents, and others may arise.

In a brewery, it’s important for you to focus on safety. The beer-making industry has some significant safety risks, so having a brewery safety program and following the rules of that program is vital.

The top 3 hazards in the brewery industry

The top 3 hazards in this industry include:

  • Packed gas and chemical accidents. These occur when packed gases and caustic chemicals are improperly handled. This may result in an explosion or fire in a worst-case scenario.
  • Slip, trip and fall accidents. These may happen if there is a spill or if workers don’t wear the right kind of footwear. Improperly stacked items and other physical hazards may result in injuries.
  • Ergonomic injuries. Ergonomic injuries may include injuries such as carpal tunnel from repetitive wrist movements or back injuries from leaning, reaching or bending.

All of these injuries are avoidable, but only if the entire brewery team is on its guard and doing its best to follow the safety protocols in place in the facility.

What can you do to prevent an injury on the job?

To prevent an injury while working in a brewery, you should:

  • Always wear the correct, non-slip footwear
  • Use proper lifting techniques
  • Use tools, like back braces or standing mats, to support the body throughout the day
  • Encourage the proper use of personal protective equipment by the staff as well as visitors
  • Only using and carrying chemicals or gases with clear labels
  • Storing chemicals and gases correctly in areas with proper ventilation

There are many steps you can take to avoid injuries in a brewery. If you still get hurt, then you should know that you can report that injury and seek medical care. After you talk to your employer about your injuries, they should help you by making a report and starting your workers’ compensation claim. If your claim is denied, then you may want to look into your legal options to appeal that decision.

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