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How Social Security Disability covers burn injuries

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2020 | Injuries

If you are someone who works in the construction industry or any place involving chemical or electrical work, you likely understand the dangers of burns. Suffering a nasty burn can sideline you from the workplace for a while. Some workplace burns, if severe enough, can cause long term health issues.

If you suffer a burn in the workplace, you will likely need disability benefits if you cannot work. The Social Security Administration (SSA) offers disability benefits for a variety of injuries, including workplace burns. To ensure you make the best possible case that you need disability, you should know how Social Security evaluates the impact of burns on a person.

Serious limitations

In determining whether you should receive disability, the SSA will look at how your injuries seriously limit you. A burn on your hands or legs may make it impossible for you to perform your tasks at your current workplace. The SSA will also examine how long your burns will hamper you from going back to work or performing other tasks.

According to SSA guidelines, burns should hamper you from working for at least a period of one year. You might apply for disability after you been out of work for 12 months, or you may do so anticipating that your burns will keep you from working for that amount of time or longer.


Some burns require surgery to treat the skin and other damaged tissue. Your surgeries, in addition to recovery periods, may stretch out for a long time. During this treatment period, you may not be able to work. The SSA may grant disability benefits if you require ongoing surgeries to restore a major body function, but the treatments have not yet restored your lost body function.

Psychological issues

Burns can also result in psychological or mental issues. Burns may damage the brain or nerves, which can hamper how you think or process information. Also, burns can disfigure the skin and do damage to your self-image. You might feel depressed, anxious or stressed out. Since Social Security also offers disability benefits for mental disorders, you might seek disability relief if your burns also result in psychological problems.

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