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Looking at Minnesota workplace injury statistics

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2018 | Injuries

There were close to 100 workplace fatalities in Minnesota in 2016, the most recent year with complete statistics. In reviewing the data, fatalities and serious injuries occur across industries and incident types. While the modern workplace is much safer than a century ago, there will always be obstacles and errors that lead to issues.

Taking a hard look at data provided by the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry, there were 92 total workplace fatalities in 2016, in industries from hospitality to transportation to finance. Exactly half were from transportation or roadway incidents, with falls and exposure to materials placing second and third for causes. Equipment and machinery operation and workplace violence were also significant issues.

Field work and office work are affected

The industries that rated the highest were split between production occupations, service occupations and jobs working in natural resources or mining. Equipment or machinery-related incidents happen in more production-oriented fields, but all industries experience tragedy from roadway incidents.

1,000 times more injuries

While these issues are some leading causes of fatalities in the state, the tables show that workplace injuries are widespread across as a whole. In 2015, the DLI reports 91,500 workers’ compensation claims were paid in the state.

This data shows that workplace injuries are quite common. They range in severity from minor cuts and ailments to serious, life-changing injuries. In any case, injured workers have the right to apply for workers’ compensation, which covers medical costs as well as other injury-releases costs on the path to recovery.

The workers’ compensation process

Determining the coverage you should receive from a workers’ compensation claim depends on your injury or illness. For example, an ailment that develops over time requires evidence showing the cause of the injury. An experienced attorney can assist with your claim, including help with a denial or appeal.

Working conditions have definitely improved from the industrial era, but a quick glance at the data shows that injuries happen quite often. If an injury is work related, you should file a claim to get your rightful compensation.

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