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A Trusted Advocate For Workers With Repetitive Motion Injuries

Minnesota workers’ compensation does not pay just for one-time accidents, such as a burn or an object falling and hitting you. It is also there for people who injure themselves slowly, over time, performing repetitive motions that lead to painful syndromes like carpal tunnel.

These pain syndromes can acquire playful names, such as tennis elbow, trigger finger, digger’s shoulder, BlackBerry thumb, mouse arm disease, Rubik’s wrist and Emacs pinky, among others. But they are all painful forms of tendinosis, edema and dystonia that can wreck your career and leave you in continuous pain.

Financial Compensation For Repetitive Motion Injuries

If your job requires you to make 500 different physical motions per day, you will probably not get a repetitive stress injury (RSI). If your job consists of the same basic motion over and over again — typing, assembly work or using a cash register — you can suffer serious injuries that are as compensable as getting hit by a falling hammer.

RSIs are usually covered by workers’ compensation, but some employers will raise objections to paying benefits or seek to limit benefits, saying that a pain syndrome is a minor thing. That’s when you need the experienced lawyers at Baehman Law, serving Greater St. Paul, to stand by you and make your case.

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