Protecting Injured Workers
And Their Families For The Short And Long Term

Did You Injure Your Back Or Neck On The Job?

Your Minnesota employer will tell you that a disproportionate number of work injuries are to the back and neck. Despite digital technology, many of us go down for basic ergonomic reasons:

  • Lifting too much or lifting the wrong way
  • Driving for extended periods
  • Your chair and monitor causing you to strain your back and neck while working
  • Deadline stress causing tension to the muscles in the back, neck and shoulders, leading to muscle strain
  • Violent actions on the job, leading to compressed or bulging vertebrae, herniated disks or whiplash

A common reason for denial of back injury claims is simply to deny it is there — that you are exaggerating.

Rightful Compensation For Back And Neck Injuries

It is not always easy to arrive at a proper compensation figure. Final payouts must take several factors into consideration: preinjury earnings, post-injury earnings and post-injury maximum earning potential. Lawyer Jackson Baehman of St. Paul is experienced in these calculations. His goal always is to arrive at the highest possible compensation amount for your back or neck injury.

Your workers’ compensation settlement doesn’t have to be your only post-injury earnings. We can augment that amount with Social Security Disability benefits. You can also receive direct payout from your employer. If gross negligence or misconduct by your employer played a role in the injury, we can press for even more.

When it comes to injuries to the spine and neck, attorney Jackson Baehman has your back. In the Twin Cities east metro area, contact Baehman Fitzgerald in Woodbury at 651-447-6657.