Protecting Injured Workers
And Their Families For The Short And Long Term

A Denied Claim Is Not The End Of The Road

It’s a bad feeling when you know you were injured on the job — and your workers’ comp claim is still turned down.

But this is how the workers’ compensation system works, by intimidating those whose claims seem thin and forcing those whose claims are perfectly legitimate to resubmit them.

We Know What Workers’ Comp Is Looking For

At Baehman Fitzgerald, serving the St. Paul area, we know what workers’ compensation is looking for and the many reasons claims are turned down:

  • Your claim may be refused because your employer disputes the claim. It may say your injury didn’t happen while you were working. It may accuse you of making up or exaggerating the injury.
  • The insurance company rejected your claim. Rejection is a smart tactic — the company holds onto its money, at least until you resubmit your claim.
  • The injury was not reported soon enough. You are expected to report an injury within days of it happening. But this is not practical for many kinds of injuries.
  • There were no witnesses to the injury. This is another reason why claims are denied. The company is asking you to produce evidence that may not exist.
  • Your injury existed before the accident. Sometimes this may be true, but if an existing injury was exacerbated while working, you are entitled to workers’ comp.
  • Insurance companies say you did not provide the necessary information. You are obliged to communicate with them, but you may be concerned about what to say and what not to say.
  • Your medical authorizations were not signed. Insurance companies may suspect fraud when records are not properly presented.

These are just some of the reasons why claims are turned down. But your claim is not over until you give up on it. Talk to our attorneys about your refusal. We frequently take claims to workers’ compensation appeals and win.

With an experienced lawyer working alongside you, one who understands what these refusals mean, your chances of obtaining rightful benefits go way up.

We can usually file a claim for you in a week or less.

Injured on the job?

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