Protecting Injured Workers
And Their Families For The Short And Long Term

If You Lost A Limb Or Suffered A Crush Injury On The Job

Construction work and manufacturing work involving heavy machinery are known for being dangerous occupations. In spite of safety precautions in the workplace, accidents on the job sometimes cause significant losses for workers.

An amputation or a crush injury is an especially difficult injury to recover from. Baehman Law in Woodbury helps people in and around the metro area who have been seriously injured to recover all available financial support, including:

Painful Consequences

Living through amputation or crush injury produces strongly conflicting emotions for many workers: A survivor is immensely thankful to be alive, while also distressed over the loss of an arm, hand, leg, foot or any body part. In addition to the obvious loss of the use of a limb, an amputation or crush injury may also bring:

  • An urgent need for life-saving surgery
  • Continuing needs for physical therapy, occupational therapy and pain management
  • Readjustment to life without the use of a crushed hand or another important body part
  • Related expenses, possibly including the cost of a prosthesis (artificial hand, arm, foot or leg)
  • Periodic replacement of the prosthesis
  • Lost wages from time off work
  • Pain and suffering, including emotional trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

An amputation or a crush injury caused by worksite vehicles, hazardous machinery or power tools may be life-threatening and ultimately fatal, resulting in a family’s loss of a loved one. Our personal injury lawyers reassure clients through all phases of an injury case with experience, compassion, in-depth legal knowledge and zealous advocacy.

Reach Out To A Trusted Twin Cities Lawyer After A Serious Accident

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