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Workplace robotics can cause injuries

Sometimes the very devices designed to help us end up making life harder. One case in point is the growing use of robots to perform labor and precision work in the workplace. While robots can be more exact and are capable of greater feats of strength than humans, they're subject to software and hardware issues.

Hotel housekeeper safety concerns

Many people associate workers' compensation with injuries that happen from a standard work task. This means that employees in high-risk industries like logging, fishing, construction or police work are most affected. While people in those fields are certainly at risk, this assumption overlooks another area where injuries happen: from interactions with the public.

Putting a value on injury compensation

Most people understand the basic idea behind workers' compensation. It's the concept that if you get hurt on the job, your medical expenses will be covered and you'll usually be paid for time away from work as you recover. While it's not quite that simple (there are many nuances as different situations come up), the overall premise is that a worker should be compensated for injuries sustained on the job.

Meat and poultry workers at risk of injury

While every job has unique dangers and some risk of injury, there are many fundamental concepts that protect workers across industries, regardless if they work in a restaurant, an office or a meatpacking plant. Nationwide safety rules like bathroom breaks, chemical testing and response to injuries are there to make workers safer, no matter what the job is. Sometimes, a workplace culture makes those basics more difficult to implement.

Workplace fatalities on the rise across US

When it comes to workplace safety, the Bureau of Labor Statistics offers a wealth of information. The organization recently finished reviewing 2016 statistics and there are some noteworthy takeaways concerning worker safety - and fatalities. 2016 is the most recent year with comprehensive data.

3 regulations that keep you safe as a radiologist

As a radiologist, you help many people find out if they've broken bones or if they have other problems in their bodies. Unfortunately, X-rays themselves are incredibly dangerous if handled inappropriately. Those who work with X-ray technology have a higher risk of certain kinds of cancers, for example.

Dangers that baggage handlers face at work

When packing for a trip, most people who plan on checking their luggage consider the weight of their bags because it's commonly known that if a bag weighs over a certain amount they might be forced to pay an extra fee. What they don't think about is who will be handling their bag and how the constant heavy lifting affects those individuals.

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