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What should your employer do after you report an injury?

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2023 | Workers' Compensation

Most workplaces have employed safety measures to protect employees. However, some have not, increasing the chances of accidents, and in some cases, an accident can occur due to an uncovered safety concern.

Anyone can get injured at work. Thus, it will help to understand how to file a workers’ compensation claim. And the first step is reporting to your employer sooner. This is what they should do afterward.

File a first report of injury

You need to report the injury to your employer verbally and in writing. The written report should be in-depth, including the accident scene, the cause, your task and witnesses, among others. Your employer will then use the information you provide to fill out a first report of injury (FROI) form, which they will forward to their workers’ compensation insurance company.

Your employer is required to do this within the first 10 days of the injury or after finding out about it. Employers must report death and severe injuries to the Department of Labor and Industry within 48 hours. Then, they can send the FROI form within seven days of the incident.

The insurance company will notify you in writing if the claim is accepted or denied. If your employer fails to file the FROI form, you can contact the department.

Get help

Once you report an injury, your employer should ensure you are not in danger by getting immediate medical help. They can call an ambulance or a doctor. Further, they should provide you with a safe means to go home while they start handling the FROI form.

Your employer needs to ensure you are covered if an accident occurs. If they don’t do this, or their insurer suggests unfair compensation or denies your claim, it will help to get professional guidance to protect your rights.     


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