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5 ladder safety tips

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2023 | Construction Accidents

Ladders make many workplace tasks possible. They make others safer. For example, standing on a properly set up ladder to change a lightbulb is preferable to balancing on someone’s shoulders or on a stack of chairs.

Yet, each year, many employees fall from ladders and suffer serious injuries that prevent them from working. Some even die. Here are some tips to follow to reduce the risk of anything happening to you:

1. Only use them when necessary.

Sometimes there are safer and more suitable options than a ladder. For example, a mobile elevated work platform or scaffolding.

2. Ensure you know how to use them.

Your employer should give you training before asking you to ascend a ladder. They might not offer it, so feel free to ask.

3. Ensure the locations is safe.

You need to be sure the ground is safe. That means even and unlikely to have one foot of the ladder sink in. You also need to examine the area above and around the ladder. Are there dangers, like electrical cables, above? Are there vehicles or people walking past that could knock it?

4. Ask someone to hold the ladder if needed.

Having someone hold the base of the ladder can increase stability and confidence. 

5. Ensure you are probably dressed and feeling well.

Poor footwear will increase the risk of a slip, as well as feeling dizzy. If you don’t feel well, it’s better to ask someone else to do the job.

Despite following these tips, the occasional accident could still happen. If you fall from a ladder at work, you are probably entitled to claim worker’s compensation for your injuries and lost wages. Seek legal help to understand more about how to proceed and how much you may be entitled to.

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