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Safety tips for workers on ladders

On Behalf of | Dec 16, 2021 | Workers' Compensation

Falls are one of the most common ways that workers get injured, and many of these falls happen on ladders. Some workers, such as construction workers, may need to use 30-foot ladders that could result in very serious falls. Other workers may just need to use stepladders that are only a few rungs high.

No matter what, a fall from any height can lead to severe injuries. This is especially true in the case of traumatic brain injuries. It’s important for workers to know what they can do to stay safe.

Safety procedures for daily use

To lower your risk of injury if you are working on a ladder, here are a few common safety tips that you always want to keep in mind:

  •       Never turn so that you face away from the ladder.
  •       Never reach too far to either side.
  •       Make sure that the ladder is set up at an appropriate angle.
  •       Check the surface that the ladder is being set up on to make sure that it is stable and secure.
  •       When climbing a ladder, never carry tools in your hands.
  •       Always try to have three points of contact with the ladder while moving.
  •       Do safety checks every day, before using a ladder.
  •       Always pay attention to the weight limits, especially when carrying heavy materials or tools.
  •       Never rush or hurry when working on a ladder, as moving slowly and carefully is vastly safer.

 These safety tips can certainly lower the chances that you’ll fall, but accidents do happen. If you are injured in a fall on the job, you need to know about your rights to workers’ compensation. This could help to cover the wages you’ll lose, the cost of your medical bills and things of this nature.

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