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5 dangers of warehouse work

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2021 | Workers' Compensation

While many warehouses feature robots to do specific tasks, sometimes the working environment can turn people into virtual robots at a cost to safety.

Warehouse work can be monotonous, causing people to switch off. You may be required to stand in the same position all day and repeat the same few limited movements. The shifts can be long leading people to tire. On top of that, the pay is low, so many people work extra shifts to earn the money they need. The result of all this is that many people are not fully alert, making accidents and injuries more likely.

Who or what could harm you in a warehouse? 

Even if your employer has teams of people ensuring safety, you need to watch for your own safety. Here are some dangers to look for:

  1. Moving parts:  Those robots that are stealing your jobs may put you out of a job for life if one of their moving parts hits you or entraps you.
  2. Chemicals: Workplaces have stores of chemicals for cleaning. Due to the industrial size of these containers, any spillage can result in a significant hazard.
  3. Heat: Dehydration can be a severe problem, especially on a hot day. It affects people’s ability to make good decisions.
  4. Vehicles: There is pressure on those driving vehicles to move fast, and if you do not see one, and they do not see you, they could crush you.
  5. Falling objects: Piling things high is necessary to save space in a warehouse. Yet, it also means you need to be constantly vigilant to the risk of something falling on top of you.

If someone or something injures you while working in a warehouse, you will need to claim on your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance. Understanding the best way to present your claim will increase your chance of timely and adequate compensation.

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