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Thousands in Louisiana mistakenly told to return benefits

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2020 | Firm News

According to the Star-Tribune and the Associated Press, a programming mistake in Louisiana’s Worker’s Compensation computer system recently issued an erroneous statement of overpayment. This led to more than 4,300 out-of-work people to get two “cancelation adjustment notices,” requiring that they return the funds. It essentially requested $14,000 to be repaid within 15 days or file an appeal.

Fortunately, the agency acknowledged the error, prompting an apology by Louisiana Workforce Commission. The computer system miscalculated benefits and then automatically sent out the notices to everyone who applied for two days in March.

Addressing these mistakes in Minnesota

Those who file a Worker’s Compensation claim know that there is a lot of paperwork involved. This can lead to mistakes and false denials of benefits at such state agencies as the Minnesota Department of Labor Industry, particularly during the pandemic, which handles Worker’s Compensation claims here.

While the agency committed the error, workers may find it necessary to work with an attorney who handles Worker’s Compensation matters here in Minnesota. These legal professionals can help identify errors in the paperwork sent to workers. They can also help the client appeal a ruling regarding a claim, particularly related to disputes over worker’s contracting COVID-19.  Even when the worker was erroneously cited, it may be necessary to call upon an attorney to ensure that the benefits are not negatively affected by this mistake.

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