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What are the most common workplace injuries?

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2020 | Workplace Accidents

Every day, thousands of workers sustain injury while they are at their jobs. Whether their jobs are in traditionally dangerous fields like forestry or construction or if they are working in an office environment, they are all susceptible to injury. 
All of these injuries can ultimately result in thousands of lost dollars for workers. According to the National Safety Council, a worker sustains injury every 7 seconds while on the job. 
What are the most common injuries keeping workers from work? 
While there are multiple ways to sustain injury at the jobsite, some injuries are more common than others. The most common varieties of injuries that keep workers away from the job are sprains, general soreness or pain and cuts or punctures. 
While the dangers of working with heavy machinery are evident, there are other ways to suffer injury. In fact, office workers are very susceptible to injury due to improper lifting practices. Additionally, workers in offices are more prone to using chairs to stand on in order to reach high objects. This can result in injury. 
What can I do to avoid injury? 
No matter where you work, it is important to observe proper lifting protocols when you are moving items. It is important to avoid bending or twisting while you are lifting anything, even if the box is comparatively light. 
Proper organization can also stop injuries. For instance, you should always store heavy objects lower than light objects. When you retrieve high objects, always use a stepladder. Falls in the workplace cause many sprains and general soreness. Keeping your workplace clean and free of debris can prevent injury. 

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