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What are the long-term needs of someone with a TBI?

On Behalf of | Dec 26, 2019 | Construction Accidents

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) can be catastrophic for victims and their families. In many cases, the victims are left with physical, mental and social needs that can’t easily be fulfilled by their primary caregivers.

For example, housing needs can be a serious concern for a TBI victim. Studies indicate that people with traumatic brain injuries tend to be male and much younger than the overwhelmingly female and aged residents of nursing homes. These TBI victims don’t thrive in that kind of situation. They do better when they have the kind of rehabilitative therapies available that they can’t get in standard nursing homes.

Living outside of a nursing home, however, can be very difficult for many TBI victims. In order to be successful, they may need a variety of long-term support services, including things like:

  • Home health aides who can help them manage their medication, assist with dressing and hygiene and make certain that their nutritional needs are being met
  • Housekeeping services, which can make certain that their surroundings are safe, ordered and clean
  • Psychological counseling to help them manage the frustrations that come from ordinary life events and their feelings about their injury.
  • Transportation services so that they can get back and forth from doctor’s visits, the grocery store and other places that they need to go.

A TBI robs a person of the ability to function normally and handle many ordinary tasks without assistance. Maintaining a life that is both comfortable and meaningful can be difficult without the financial means to provide for support services outside of full-time nursing care. That’s why we always recommend that victims of construction accidents who suffer a TBI seek legal advice about their claims.

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