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Are some power tools more dangerous than others?

On Behalf of | Nov 25, 2019 | Construction Accidents

If you work in construction, nobody has to tell you that your job is dangerous. You already know it and deal with the risks every day.

However, some of the tools you may use are inherently more dangerous than others. According to experts, these are the most dangerous tools in the industry:

  • Radial arm saws, which have their powerful blades climbing toward you, rather than away
  • Chop saws, which are strong enough to cut through rebar — and are sometimes difficult to control
  • Lathes, which turn fast and are prone to catching long hair, loose sleeves and apron ties in their grip
  • Nailer guns, which have the pneumatic power to punch straight through floor tiles and fire nails very rapidly
  • Table saws, which can have an unpredictable kickback that can put your life and limbs in danger
  • Angle grinders, which rotate up to 10,000 rpm and use abrasive discs that are prone to breaking apart somewhat suddenly
  • Circular saws, especially if you make the mistake of rushing a job or removing the safety guard while you’re using it
  • Chainsaws, which have no guard and can sometimes kick back on a user unexpectedly

If you work in construction, you can’t avoid using dangerous tools on your job. However, you can manage the risks. For example, make sure that you’re fully trained on a tool before you use it, and always wear your safety gear.

Despite your best efforts, accidents can happen far too easily on a construction site. If you’re injured in a machinery accident at work, find out how to seek compensation to deal with your medical bills and support yourself and your family during this difficult time.

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