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Third-party liability claims for injured highway workers

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2018 | Construction Workers' Accidents

A previous post on this blog mentioned that injured construction workers, particularly those who work on or alongside Minnesota’s roads and highways, may be able to seek compensation from sources other than workers’ compensation.

This can come as a great relief for highway workers who get seriously hurt by careless people who are driving through construction zones. After all, many times, the injuries of these workers are severe and can leave them unable to work, or even function normally, for the rest of their lives.

Filing what is generally referred to as a third-party liability claim can be a complicated task. Unlike workers’ compensation, which is in theory supposed to be a way that employees can quickly and effectively get financial help, third-party liability claims involve suing someone, other than one’s employer, for negligence, and such claims can be hotly contested as they play out in litigation.

Moreover, there are certain relationships between workers’ compensation and these sort of claims that have to be managed.

For these reasons, it may be helpful for a highway worker to get legal assistance with pursuing their valid claims for compensation. In this respect, our law office can offer this service. We can help highways workers first of all to file workers’ compensation claims should they get hurt on the job.

In addition to getting the process of obtaining these benefits rolling, with our experience, we can also assist with any disputes that might arise regarding the nature or severity of our client’s injuries.

Additionally, if someone else, like a negligent driver, is legally responsible for our client’s injuries, we can take the necessary steps of pursuing additional compensation from the person responsible.

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