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Representing workers in appeals

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2018 | Workers' Compensation

A previous post on this blog talked about how an injured worker in the greater Twin Cities area can appeal workers’ compensation claim if they do not feel that it was decided correctly.

This post talked about the various steps of an appeal and also mentioned the technical legal requirements that apply when someone is attempting to appeal. These requirements are strict in that not following them can mean that someone who otherwise had a good case will not be allowed to pursue it.

Making sure that the requirements of filing an appeal are handled properly is one reason why many workers in the area trust the Minnesota workers’ compensation professionals at our law office with their cases, especially when they feel that their claim for compensation has been denied or significantly underpaid.

Missing the opportunity appeal can, after all, mean that a worker misses out on the wage replacement and the reimbursement for medical bills that they need in order to stay financially afloat as they recover from their injuries.

However, just making sure an appeal gets filed and processed correctly is only one step we take on behalf of our clients. Before an appeal even gets filed, we evaluate carefully the likelihood of success as well as the possible arguments we might be able to raise on behalf of our clients. This not only keeps our clients well-informed but also ensures that no one’s time gets wasted through pursuing options that have little chance of succeeding.

Once an appeal gets filed, we identify the issues and raise arguments on our client’s behalf in our efforts to get our clients the benefits they deserve.

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