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Workplace robotics can cause injuries

On Behalf of | Apr 6, 2018 | Workplace Accidents

Sometimes the very devices designed to help us end up making life harder. One case in point is the growing use of robots to perform labor and precision work in the workplace. While robots can be more exact and are capable of greater feats of strength than humans, they’re subject to software and hardware issues.

A column in insurance trade magazine Claims Journal explores the problem. If the insurance industry is discussing it, that means it’s a recurring problem. As the article notes, robots assist in a range of industries, including farming, grooming, packaging and transportation. The use of robots is an extension of machinery in the workplace and it will continue to grow as technology advances.

A variation of machinery-related injuries

Heavy machinery has long been a leading cause of workplace injuries. There may be fewer exposed gears or control panels, but robots are the same concept. As the article points out, most injuries happen when a robot isn’t working right: either when something is malfunctioning or during the troubleshooting phase.

To limit injuries, employees need more training and updated procedures to deal with malfunctioning technology. It’s an employer’s responsibility to provide a safe work environment, including training and providing appropriate equipment to minimize harm.

Dealing with an accident or injury

While employers should do everything in their control to reduce risk, injuries sometimes happen. Tools and machinery can make work more efficient-sometimes even safer-but accidents and injuries still occur. Anyone who injured on the job is entitled to workers’ compensation, an insurance program that covers lost income, medical costs and more for injured workers. An experienced attorney can help you better understand the process and how to file a claim to seek compensation for losses.

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