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Workers with knee injuries may suffer great pain

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2018 | Workers' Compensation, Workplace Accidents

Many of the injuries that workers suffer from are easily rectified. Others require medical interventions, such as physical therapy or surgery, to overcome. Knee injuries are interesting because they can fall under both categories.

Knee injuries are sometimes minor when they first begin, but they can become worse if the injuries aren’t treated properly. This sometimes means allowing the knee time to rest before getting back on it to stand long hours or walk a lot of steps. Here are some important points workers need to know about knee injuries at work:

Certain motions can lead to knee injuries

Having to stand up for long periods of time can lead to knee injuries. Walking constantly and bending at the knees can also result in injuries. There is a chance that having to kneel will cause problems over time. Having to bend and twist the knees might also damage the sensitive structures of their anatomy. One way to guard against these common workplace actions is to stretch the legs often so that the knees can move through a full range of motion.

The floor type can impact the knees

The type of floor you work on can damage your knees. This is one of the reasons why some employers provide anti-fatigue mats for workers to stand on. If you are having knee troubles, find out if your employer will place one in the spot where you have to stand the most. Typically, concrete flooring is very hard on the knees.

Cleanliness can matter

When it comes to the work environment, things being as clean as possible can be important. Workers who spend time on their knees, such as carpet layers and landscapers, may want to make sure that their knees, clothing and safety equipment are as clean as possible. There is a chance that bacteria in dirt could enter even microscopic abrasions on the knees. This could lead to an infection that can spread to other areas.

Workplace knee injuries, whatever contributed to them, can subject workers to many impactful things, from great pain to major medical needs. When facing such effects, it is critical for workers to understand their rights. This includes their rights related to workers’ compensation.

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