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Safety Violations At U.S. Bank Stadium: When Minnesota Workers Get Hurt

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2016 | Workers' Compensation

The Minnesota Vikings have moved into U.S. Bank Stadium, their brand new $1.1 billion dollar home in downtown Minneapolis, hoping not to disappoint their loyal fans. But Teddy Bridgewater wasn’t the only one who was injured in the run-up to the team’s inaugural season in the massive, glassy venue that replaced the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome.

Sadly, one 35-year-old worker died and another worker was injured in a fall from a roof at U.S. Bank Stadium in August 2015, and other workers were hurt during the construction of the behemoth structure. In relation to the fatal fall, contractor Mortenson Construction and subcontractor Berwald Roofing were cited and fined for serious safety violations, according to the Star Tribune. What does this incident say about the safety of construction workers in the Twin Cities?

How Safe Are Construction Workers In Minnesota?

All Minnesota construction companies will tell you that they are dead serious about state Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations, citing their safety records and fearing the fines, insurance claims and negative publicity that come with on-the-job injuries. Indeed, Mortenson and Berwald faced fines totaling more than $173,000 with regard to the roof accident, and their reputations were surely damaged.

Government and industry safety statistics and anecdotal information from workers are helpful in tracking incidents and forming an opinion about how safe it is to work construction in the Twin Cities. An estimated 2,000-3,000 workers were employed during construction of the stadium, and the vast majority did not experience any injuries.

What To Do If You Or A Family Member Was Hurt On The Job

If an injury happened to you or a loved one, get proper medical care right away, even if you’re not sure how serious the injury is — this is the most critical step. Report the incident to your employer immediately and make sure the injury is properly documented. You may also want to consult an attorney who understands Minnesota workers’ compensation law and injury claims.

Some employer negligence exists, and some injuries happen despite workers’ best efforts. It is important to educate yourself and protect your rights as a worker. A knowledgeable work injury lawyer can help you do both of those things.

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