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You want someone who is committed to this area of the law. Many firms include workers' comp practices. Workers' comp injury cases in the St. Paul area are nearly all Jack Baehman does. His entire practice is about helping people who have been knocked down to get back up.

Jack Baehman also assists people with personal injury and Social Security Disability claims. And he steps in when injured workers run into discrimination, retaliation or harassment problems where they work.

With a quarter-century of experience in workers' compensation, Jack Baehman provides clients with the legal know-how to obtain the benefits they deserve.

What Constitutes A Work Injury?

There are several types of work injuries:

  1. Specific injuries: These injuries occur from a single event of a specific type. They arise out of and in the course of employment, and they are compensable.
  2. Cumulative trauma injuries: Compensation in Minnesota is allowed for injuries that occur as a result of repetitive minute (small) trauma brought on by the performance of ordinary job duties.
  3. Occupational disease: This is a disease arising out of and in the course of employment; it is peculiar to the occupation in which the employee has engaged. Occupational disease is due to causes in excess of the ordinary hazards of employment.
  4. Consequential injuries: Subsequent injuries or disabilities that are the direct result and natural consequence of a previous compensable injury are likewise compensable.
  5. Psychological/mental injuries: This can include psychiatric diagnoses of conditions related to work.

Not Every Injury Stems From An Event

Many injuries occur because of repetitive activity over time on a day-to-day basis, not as a result of a one-time injury. A common example is carpel tunnel syndrome from performing identical hand movements as on an assembly line or performing data processing. Or it could be a low back injury from repeatedly bending and lifting items every day at work.

Other injuries are called consequential injuries — they arise from a previous work injury. For example, if you had a previous right shoulder injury, and due to this injury you started using your left shoulder more, you could develop a consequential left shoulder injury.

Some injuries occur because of long-term exposure to chemicals, asbestos or other toxic substances over time. Attorney Jack Baehman pursues these cases with the same vigor and skill with which he pursues accidents like falls and explosions.

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